Automating Healthy Lifestyles

We are a healthcare technology company dedicated to pharmacy success.

Innovative Technology for Smart Pharmacies

MedifriendRx® is a healthcare technology company that simplifies the prescription delivery and pick-up process by providing a state-of-the-art self-serve pharmacy kiosk at local clinics and doctor’s offices around the country. Our automatic dispensing machines are small, conveniently located and help you maintain regulatory compliance while providing the smoothest delivery of prescription drugs to your patients when they need it most.

The Anywhere-Pharmacy Solution

Immediate access to prescriptions at the initial point of entry is an invaluable asset to any medical practice, and the small footprint and advanced technology of the medifriendRx prescription kiosk workstations make it especially prudent for establishments serving a wide prescriber-base.


For clinics large enough to run a pharmacy, medifriendRx can help increase capture rates and alleviate the workload within the pharmacy.


For clinics too small to support an onsite pharmacy, a medifriendRx prescription kiosk dispenses pharmacist-released prescriptions, from a bookshelf-sized footprint.


At a tenth of the cost of an onsite pharmacy, multiple medifriendRx pharmacy kiosks offer customizable inventory for each practice and the prescriber-base.


We can automate the prescription process to reduce Rx processing costs and increase patient satisfaction by decreasing wait times, additionally allowing retailers to capture first fills.

Dedicated to User-Friendly Technology

The medifriendRx on-demand pharmacy kiosk was borne out of a desire to help patients get better access to their medications quicker and without the hassle of driving to and from pharmacies.

As a pharmacy-driven company, the engineers aimed to develop a workstation that successfully delivers prescribed medications without sacrificing pharmacy oversight. By combining automated Artificial Intelligence and cloud communication, we deliver a comprehensive pharmacy program across your entire healthcare ecosystem.

Started With a Pharmacist…

MedifriendRx’s Co-Founder & PharmD has been working to create an effective and sustainable impact on the pharmaceutical industry since 1975 through hands-on work in and around treatment zones.

Through the medifriendRx pharmacy kiosk, he aims to help simplify the distribution of medication and reduce wait times, giving patients their lives back 20 minutes at a time and encouraging pharmacists to focus more on clinical services rather than mundane tasks.

At medifriendRx, our goal is to change the future of the pharmaceutical industry and we’ve gathered the best and most motivated team to make that a reality.