User-Friendly Prescription Access

Fast, accurate, and safe self-serve pharmacy kiosk systems

The Perfect Prescription for Success

The medifriendRx® automated pharmacy kiosk system reduces prescription delivery in four simple steps specifically designed to make access to important medication less complicated and your patients’ lives easier.


Doctor Visit

A personalized prescription is written for the patient and is electronically submitted to the pharmacy via the Surescripts Cloud Prescription Delivery System.


Pharmacist Processes Order

The pharmacist processes the Rx order and then sends it through the Cloud Delivery System to the on-site medifriendRx Automated Dispensing Unit.


Medications are selected, labeled & approved

The Rx is automatically selected, labeled, and approved by a Pharmacist who performs a drug utilization review (DUR).


Rx Approved

The pharmacist approves and releases the Rx to the patient, and gives the patient a professional consultation if requested.

What Else Can medifriendRx Do For You?

Not only do we offer lightning-fast on-site prescription delivery, but we also work with you to ensure that your medifriendRx unit remains a valuable aspect of your business day in and day out.

Monthly Reconciliation

We regularly reconcile all prescriptions and payments in a clean, easy to understand statement each month.

Tight Inventory Control

We keep a close eye on incoming and outgoing prescription inventory to ensure compliance and safety.

Maintenance & Operations

We provide efficient and swift maintenance services, updates, and repairs as necessary to keep your medifriendRx running smoothly.

Technical Support

We maintain a team of highly qualified technical support professionals to help resolve any issues or questions you may have about your unit immediately.

Have questions about medifriendRx?

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Who owns or manages the medifriendRx workstations?

There are a variety of scenarios- lease, purchase, or central fill options. Typically, the pharmacy that operates medifriendRx kiosk also owns and manages it, with assistance from medifriendRx.

What are the hours or operation for the kiosk?

They are set by the covered entity or pharmacy.

How many medications does the machine hold?

The kiosk can hold up to 300-350 units at a time, and can be restocked as frequently as needed.

What if the medication a patient needs isn’t stocked?

Non-stocked medications can be sent by mail from the pharmacy that operates the kiosk, or the rx can be transferred to another pharmacy for in-store pickup.

Do you carry schedule drugs?

We are able to carry schedule drugs if it is desired by the client.

How does a patient get a pharmacist consultation?

A private consultation is provided through the video monitor and receiver to the patient before the drug is dispensed.

What type of prescription benefits does the medifriendRx accept?

The kiosk will accept all major 3rd party plans including 340B.

What type of medications are stocked in the kiosk units?

The kiosk can be stocked with a variety of medications that can be a part of the clinic’s formulary which includes: Tablets, capsules, creams, ointments, pediatric medications, inhalers, and injectables all in unit of use packaging.

What if the medication a patient needs isn’t stocked?

Non-stocked medications can be mail ordered or transferred to another pharmacy.

What if the medifriendRx needs to be serviced?

medifriendRx sends a team to handle all servicing of the machine.

How will we know where to place the medifriendRx unit?

Usually placement of the kiosk inside the treatment zone is designed to increase capture rates, but collaboration from both the covered entity and medifriendRx is important in integrating with patient and staff work flow.

Are you an actual pharmacy?

Yes, the machine is an extension of the pharmacy and pharmacy license that is operating it. MedifriendRx was designed by pharmacists with pharmacies in mind.

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