Improve & Maintain Medicare Star Ratings

Learn how to recognize and overcome roadblocks to achieve a shining Medicare Star Rating for your facility.

Medicare Star Ratings Don’t Have to Be Hard

Medicare Star Ratings are a critical aspect of business for any pharmacy, hospital, or medical clinic. However, improving and maintaining a high Medicare Star Rating in the current patient landscape can sometimes be difficult.

The good news is that patient care is improving across the board by working smarter, not harder. Improving your star rating requires staying abreast of best practices, adopting new technology, and proactively managing your ranking from year-to-year.

In this comprehensive guide you will learn:

The real reasons why Medicare Star Ratings are important.

What factors impact star ratings, including the most-often neglected elements.

How data analytics, medication access, and other tools make the difference between mediocre and impressive star ratings.

Concrete steps you can take to improve your star rating -- immediately and in the long term.

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Simplify Medicare Star Ratings in 6 Steps

What Star Ratings Actually Measure & Why They Matter

Some striking facts & figures about Medicare Star Ratings:

These numbers put the importance of increasing star metrics into focus, but they don’t tell the whole story.

While taking steps to improve Star Ratings is important, Star Ratings, in and of themselves, are less relevant than what they represent. It’s plan quality and bonus payments that directly drive enrollment and reduce attrition.  

The bonuses awarded to highly ranked plans allow those plans to reduce premiums and increase investment in better patient care. These attributes, rather than the number of stars itself, are more likely to be the reason highly-ranked plans get more subscribers.  

In fact, fewer than a quarter of Medicare subscribers are even aware of Star Ratings.

However, in the future, Star Ratings may become more directly important for marketing:

Over 10,000 people become eligible for Medicare every day, and as time goes on, these tech-savvy potential subscribers are more likely to shop around for plans based on rankings.

What’s really important about your Star Rating from an organizational perspective, though, is what it measures.  In the end, it’s patient care, adherence, and health outcomes that drive success.

Focusing on these underlying factors is what drives long-term ROI and financial success as well as improving Star Ratings.

As plans improve across the board and consumers become more aware of their choices,  high rankings will become non-negotiable: it’s likely that in the future, high Star Ratings will become a baseline expectation, rather than a benefit.

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