How to Improve Your Medical Office Workflow in 6 Steps

Inefficient workflows can cause any business process to falter, and medical processes are no exception. In fact, a streamlined medical office workflow can make or break organizational efficiency. Whether you’re a private practice, metro hospital, or community clinic, your internal workflow processes form the backbone that drives operational functions within your facility. What is Medical […]

3 Effective Ways to Reduce Patient Readmissions at Your Facility

Whether you’re a hospital, clinic, or a primary care physician, you’ve probably noticed a pattern in patient readmissions to your facility. You have the same roster of patients coming back for the same or similar treatment again and again without much improvement. So, how do you effectively reduce patient readmissions? First, we must talk about […]

6 Benefits of Integrated Point of Care Pharmacy Solutions

Pharmacy services live at the heart of healthcare. In fact, many common diagnoses require important medication to manage effectively. So, why are integrated point of care pharmacy services so rare in the industry still? The fact is that integrated pharmacy services are a relatively young concept outside of a hospital setting. Patients and physicians alike […]

How To Use Automation To Improve Doctor-Patient Relationships

Are you getting frustrated with the way your patients and doctors relate to each other? The complex process of building strong relationships has been a struggle for many in the healthcare industry over the years. According to William Maples, MD, the number one thing every patient is looking for is a respectful, relatable, and comfortable […]

6 Ways Technology Can Ease Your Practice’s Growing Pains

Even if your practice is booming right now, sustaining that success in the future means you’re continually looking for ways to grow to better meet your patients’ needs. But growth doesn’t just mean serving more people in the same way – in many cases, it requires major operational and even cultural shifts. If you and […]

The Top 6 Patient Adherence Roadblocks & How to Overcome Them

Believe it or not, for the majority of practices and patient populations, poor patient adherence is still a major issue. Ensuring that a patient understands and sticks to their recommended medication regimen is always a concern for practitioner’s across the country, and it is only getting more difficult as patients become more self-aware. Here’s a […]