Medical Automation Improving the Future of Patient Care

In today’s healthcare environment there are many complex structures in place which stand in the way of patients receiving the best medical care possible. As technology advances, clinics and hospitals must adapt and integrate new systems that put them at the cutting edge of patient care. In order for healthcare institutions to remain competitive they […]

In-clinic Pharmacy Kiosk Boosts Patient Compliance

Why Medifriendrx is the Better Choice for Your Pharmacy or Clinic Patient compliance describes the patient’s willingness and adherence to taking their medication as prescribed, in the correct dose, for the correct amount of time and in the correct way. There are many factors that contribute to one’s compliance or non-compliance with any given  prescription.  […]

How To Use Automation To Improve Doctor-Patient Relationships

Are you getting frustrated with the way your patients and doctors relate to each other? The complex process of building strong relationships has been a struggle for many in the healthcare industry over the years. According to William Maples, MD, the number one thing every patient is looking for is a respectful, relatable, and comfortable […]