Boosting Capture Rates with a Pharmacy Kiosk

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Boost Capture Rates

The Growing Challenge

 The economic success of a pharmacy is based upon its ability to satisfy, capture and retain customers. The pharmaceutical model is similar to any other industry in that it’s based on accessibility, supply and demand. As more large retailers like Walgreens, Costco and Target are offering pharmaceutical services many local and independent brick-and-mortar pharmacies are struggling. Medifriendrx® will give your pharmacy a distinct advantage by placing a convenient kiosk inside of a clinic. 

The drug distribution model relies on relationships between the manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer and physician in order to properly serve the patient. Medifriendrx® understands pharmacies are more than just a business, and pharmacists are responsible for ensuring individuals receive proper drug treatment information and are the last point of contact for a patient in the pharmacological process. The patient should be the number one concern and we want to make sure they have access to convenient, personalized and top-tier pharmaceutical care.

The convenient options consumers have developed with big box retail pharmacies have given them a monopoly on those transactions. Larger retailers are afforded the opportunity to buy up prime real estate in nearly every community so their customers can be assured that they are  always in close proximity to one. 

A Convenient Solution

So, how are small- mid sized brick-and-mortar pharmacies to compete with these larger retailers? By accessing the most prime of real estate available, right within a hospital or clinic. Placing your pharmacy at the point-of-care takes the guesswork out of where the physician will fill their prescriptions. Patients are able to get all of the care they need under one roof. 

By purchasing and implementing a Medifriendrx® kiosk, smaller pharmacies will be able to compete with larger retailers by making it the most convenient option in town. They will be able to ensure all patients within a clinic or hospital will fill their prescriptions at their location.

Learn More

Learn how your pharmacy can become the obvious choice for physicians and patients to refill their prescriptions and how else the Medifriendrx® can help your pharmacy or clinic achieve its goals. Request a digital demonstration of the work station today by emailing us at


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