American Pharmacist Month: Why We Celebrate

Pharmacists play a pivotal role in our healthcare system and this month we are proud to join many around the country in honoring these men and women. Pharmacists work tirelessly, oftentimes behind the scenes, to ensure we receive the care we need. This month, and every month we want to ensure their efforts don’t go […]

The Complete Pharmacy Solution

The Complete Pharmacy Solution Whether you’re a remote specialized clinic or a private practice, the medifriendRx prescription kiosk offers a comprehensive localized 340B pharmacy that helps you accurately and easily fill up to 75% of your daily prescriptions without sending your patients elsewhere. There are several issues facing pharmacies today that must be addressed. 5 […]

Technology for the New Paradigm of Caution

The COVID pandemic has influenced a massive shift in the way many sectors conduct business. Working from home, delivery of foods and other goods, virtual schooling, telehealth and countless other examples are just some of the ways businesses have had to adapt during the coronavirus pandemic. It’s no surprise that the healthcare industry is one […]

Pharmacy Kiosks Changing the Future of Pharmacy

The pharmacy kiosk model is relatively new to the market, it’s no surprise that many people haven’t heard about the concept and are apprehensive about implementing it. Medifriendrx® wanted to make this process easy to understand so clinics and hospitals can begin seamlessly integrating this technology into their services. How it Started With over 3 […]

Medical Automation Improving the Future of Patient Care

In today’s healthcare environment there are many complex structures in place which stand in the way of patients receiving the best medical care possible. As technology advances, clinics and hospitals must adapt and integrate new systems that put them at the cutting edge of patient care. In order for healthcare institutions to remain competitive they […]

Boosting Capture Rates with a Pharmacy Kiosk

The Growing Challenge The economic success of a pharmacy is based upon its ability to satisfy, capture and retain customers. The pharmaceutical model is similar to any other industry in that it’s based on accessibility, supply and demand. As more large retailers like Walgreens, Costco and Target are offering pharmaceutical services many local and independent […]

Medifriendrx®: The Better Pharmaceutical Kiosk Option

Why Medifriendrx® is the Better Choice When it comes to pharmaceutical kiosks on the market, Medifriendrx® is proud to be at the forefront of innovation and entrance into the pharmacy automation space. There are a limited number of options when it comes to deciding which pharmaceutical kiosk is the right one to partner with but […]

In-clinic Pharmacy Kiosk Boosts Patient Compliance

Why Medifriendrx is the Better Choice for Your Pharmacy or Clinic Patient compliance describes the patient’s willingness and adherence to taking their medication as prescribed, in the correct dose, for the correct amount of time and in the correct way. There are many factors that contribute to one’s compliance or non-compliance with any given  prescription.  […]

Medifriendrx® 340B Program Certified

Making Affordable Prescription Options More Accessible What is 340B? The federal government 340B Program is a drug price control program that allows qualifying providers including clinics, hospitals or pharmacies serving low-income or rural communities to offer prescription medications to patients at a discounted rate. Section 340B requires pharmaceutical manufacturers to enter into an agreement, the […]

Pharmacy Kiosks to Increase Revenue — The New Pharmaceutical Model

The New Pharmaceutical Model The MedifriendRX® was created by a pharmacist with pharmacists in mind. We are not here to replace the traditional pharmacy model but to optimize it and bring it into the 21st century. As more big box retailers start to take over the pharmacy space we’re seeing the brick-and-mortar model get pushed […]