MedifriendRx® Pharmaceutical Kiosk Now Open in Dallas, TX

Now Open! MedifriendRx® prescription kiosk is now up and running in our brand new location inside the Urban Inter-Tribal Center of Texas Clinic. The medifriendRx® prescription kiosk allows patients to pick up their medication without having to leave the clinic. There are many benefits to having a prescription kiosk located in the clinic including but […]

Pharmacy Innovation is a Win-Win for Consumers and Pharmacists

Hospital pharmacy innovation has always been ahead of retail pharmacy. Hospitals are mostly not for profit business models which generate considerably more revenue per business unit.  Also, hospitals have communities to enrich, not shareholders.   About 20 years ago, hospitals attempted decentralizing pharmacy services to better control and manage drug inventory by adding satellite pharmacies to […]

Automated Pharmacy Regulations in America

Automated Dispensing and Pharmacy Kiosk Regulation Questions Answered There are many benefits to implementing a self-service, automated pharmacy kiosk into your pharmacy or clinic which we have discussed at length in previous articles. Let’s say, we’ve convinced you to invest in one, but where do you start? We sat down with medifriendRx® CEO, Max Iantorno […]

The Importance of Prescription Medication Access

Prescription Use in America Prescription medication improves and saves the lives of millions of people across the country every year. From mental illness to physical ailments such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease, prescription medication is a critical factor for maintaining the health of many Americans. According to the CDC, six in ten Americans have […]

Convenience and Modern Shopping

American’s shopping behavior has changed drastically over the past couple of decades but most notably in the past couple of years. Many people are placing convenience higher on the list of priorities in their lives than ever before. Practices like digital shopping for everyday necessities like groceries and household items have taken over and businesses […]

9 Types of Pharmacies

Types of Pharmacies Not a One-Size-Fits-All Model When it comes to pharmacies there is not a one-size-fits-all model. There are several types of pharmacies that exist within our healthcare system and each is designed to serve a unique purpose. The pharmacists job in each of these facilities can vary but all involve regulating and managing […]

American Pharmacist Month: Why We Celebrate

Pharmacists play a pivotal role in our healthcare system and this month we are proud to join many around the country in honoring these men and women. Pharmacists work tirelessly, oftentimes behind the scenes, to ensure we receive the care we need. This month, and every month we want to ensure their efforts don’t go […]

The Complete Pharmacy Solution

The Complete Pharmacy Solution Whether you’re a remote specialized clinic or a private practice, the medifriendRx prescription kiosk offers a comprehensive localized 340B pharmacy that helps you accurately and easily fill up to 75% of your daily prescriptions without sending your patients elsewhere. There are several issues facing pharmacies today that must be addressed. 5 […]

Technology for the New Paradigm of Caution

The COVID pandemic has influenced a massive shift in the way many sectors conduct business. Working from home, delivery of foods and other goods, virtual schooling, telehealth and countless other examples are just some of the ways businesses have had to adapt during the coronavirus pandemic. It’s no surprise that the healthcare industry is one […]

Pharmacy Kiosks Changing the Future of Pharmacy

The pharmacy kiosk model is relatively new to the market, it’s no surprise that many people haven’t heard about the concept and are apprehensive about implementing it. Medifriendrx® wanted to make this process easy to understand so clinics and hospitals can begin seamlessly integrating this technology into their services. How it Started With over 3 […]