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What is 340B?

The federal government 340B Program is a drug price control program that allows qualifying providers including clinics, hospitals or pharmacies serving low-income or rural communities to offer prescription medications to patients at a discounted rate.

Section 340B requires pharmaceutical manufacturers to enter into an agreement, the Pharmaceutical Pricing Agreement (PPA) in which manufacturers agree to provide front-end discounts on covered outpatient drugs purchased by specified providers, called “covered entities,” that serve the nation’s most vulnerable patient populations. 

Prescription costs through the 340B program can cost 20-50% less than retail or wholesale pricing making this a viable option for many low-income or vulnerable patients.

The Value of 340B Clinics in a Community

The 340B Federal Program provides communities with access to affordable healthcare options. This program aims to enforce the ideal that no one should be denied access to medicine because they cannot afford it.

In rural communities hospital and pharmacy options are limited, a patient may only have one or two options when deciding where they will receive care or pick up a prescription. The 340B program helps regulate the cost of drugs and makes affordable healthcare options more accessible in these areas.

Is Medifriendrx® 340B certified?

Yes, Medifriendrx® is a 340B certified prescriber. This means that when you install one of our kiosks in your clinic or pharmacy, you will be able to provide these 340B services to patients. Under the HRSA, Medifriendrx® is classified as a contract pharmacy and is able to act as a dispensing agent.

The Medifriendrx® is the ideal solution for clinics looking to partner with an outside pharmacy that is 340B certified. Let Medifriendrx® become your partner in providing the best, most affordable healthcare options for your patients.

To learn more about how Medifriendrx® can help your pharmacy or clinic achieve its goals request a digital demonstration of the work station today by emailing us at


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