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Why Medifriendrx® is the Better Choice

When it comes to pharmaceutical kiosks on the market, Medifriendrx® is proud to be at the forefront of innovation and entrance into the pharmacy automation space. There are a limited number of options when it comes to deciding which pharmaceutical kiosk is the right one to partner with but there are quite a few reasons that Medifriendrx® is the better choice.

So, you’ve decided you want to implement an automated dispensing machine into your pharmacy or clinic, what features do you consider? We’ve got you covered.

Maximum capacity

Although we’re small, the medifriendRx unit capacity is one of the largest in the industry; stocking between 300-350 drugs.

Smaller size

Medifriend® units are the smallest and most efficient in the industry, only 38”x 72”x 20”, allowing them to be placed in tight spaces within treatment zones.

Customized Dispensing

Drug inventory is tailored directly to the needs of the prescriber-base at the location that the unit is placed. Allow your pharmacists and physicians to dictate which drugs your kiosk will dispense.

Flexible Payments

The Medifriendrx® system accepts all major credit cards, debit cards, e-prescriptions, and ALL co-pays.

Premium Security

All drugs remain locked and secure at all times. Patients can receive their Rx through the dispensing chute when the medifriendRx receives an approved order from the remote pharmacist.

Simplified Ordering

To keep things simple, Medifriendrx® accepts all e-prescriptions and refill requests for prescription drugs from an approved pharmacy.

Advanced Labeling 

Both boxes and bottles are easily and expertly selected and labeled in under a minute with regulation compliant labels.

Original Containers

All prescription medications are dispensed and labeled in the original manufacturer packaging, eliminating the need for medication counting and removing human error.

Learn More

To learn more about how Medifriendrx® can help your pharmacy or clinic achieve its goals request a digital demonstration of the work station today by emailing us at



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