Pharmacy Kiosks Changing the Future of Pharmacy

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Pharmacy Kiosk

The pharmacy kiosk model is relatively new to the market, it’s no surprise that many people haven’t heard about the concept and are apprehensive about implementing it.

Medifriendrx® wanted to make this process easy to understand so clinics and hospitals can begin seamlessly integrating this technology into their services. 

Closeup of the medifriendRx prescription dispensing machine.

How it Started

With over 3 decades of experience building in-clinic pharmacies, our goal has always been to change the future of the pharmaceutical industry and to keep up with the ever increasing trends and demands. Beginning in 2015, medifriendRx® was born when our founder saw the non-adherence rate drop with on-site services. Health centers wanted on-site pharmacy services at all their locations, but the volume at most of these locations was not large enough to support the cost of an on-site pharmacy. Our goal was to create a faster, more convenient and efficient option.

Fast Forward to 2021, medifriendRx® is fully equipped and ready to deliver on it’s promise of helping patients and clinics automate healthy lifestyles by bringing pharmacies to the point of care.

How it Works

As a pharmacy-driven company, the engineers aimed to develop a workstation that successfully delivers prescribed medications without sacrificing pharmacy oversight. By combining automated Artificial Intelligence and cloud communication, we deliver a comprehensive pharmacy program across your entire healthcare ecosystem.

The medifriendRx® automated pharmacy kiosk system reduces prescription delivery in four simple steps specifically designed to make access to important medication less complicated and your patients’ lives easier.

Prescription for Success:
  1. Doctor Visit: A personalized prescription is written for the patient and is electronically submitted to the pharmacy via the Surescripts Cloud Prescription Delivery System.
  2. Pharmacist Processes the Order: The pharmacist processes the Rx order and then sends it through the Cloud Delivery System to the on-site medifriendRx Automated Dispensing Unit.
  3. Medications are selected, labeled & approved: The Rx is automatically selected, labeled, and approved by a Pharmacist who performs a drug utilization review (DUR).
  4. Rx Approved Release: The pharmacist approves and releases the Rx to the patient, and gives the patient a professional consultation if requested.
What Else Can medifriendRx® Do For You?
  1. Monthly Reconciliation: We regularly reconcile all prescriptions and payments in a clean, easy to understand statement each month.
  2. Tight Inventory Control: We keep a close eye on incoming and outgoing prescription inventory to ensure compliance and safety.
  3. Maintenance & Operations: We provide efficient and swift maintenance services, updates, and repairs as necessary to keep your medifriendRx running smoothly.
  4. Technical Support: We maintain a team of highly qualified technical support professionals to help resolve any issues or questions you may have about your unit immediately.

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