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The New Pharmaceutical Model

The MedifriendRX® was created by a pharmacist with pharmacists in mind. We are not here to replace the traditional pharmacy model but to optimize it and bring it into the 21st century. As more big box retailers start to take over the pharmacy space we’re seeing the brick-and-mortar model get pushed to the side and that’s where we come in.


Since many urgent care facilities outsource their pharmaceutical services they are essentially throwing away that revenue. MedifriendRX® is bringing the pharmacy directly to the consumer where and when they need it most. There are many benefits to bringing a pharmacy in-house that benefit the pharmacy, the clinic but most importantly the patient. 


Existing pharmacies can increase their revenue by investing in the most prime real estate – within the clinic itself at a fraction of the cost of building a full fledged pharmacy. The average cost to start a pharmacy starts around $500,000 with an annual operating cost of $30,000. We cut that cost in half by implementing our kiosk and using resources readily available.


Integrated pharmacy kiosk is the right investment for your facility if:
  • You are a brick-and-mortar pharmacy and want to make additional revenue by placing a kiosk in an urgent care facility — the pharmacy will make 100% of the revenue earned by the kiosk.

  • You want to make sure you’re the first choice for first prescriptions as well as refills

  • You want to improve patient relationships

Clinics benefit by providing a better patient experience and an improved doctor-patient relationship. Patients want to feel important and understood, so taking a patient-centered approach is key. With an on-site pharmaceutical kiosk the physician is able to see their patients leave the facility with their medication in hand and be confident their adherence is off to a great start.

Our goal and vision is that every clinic will be equipped with a pharmaceutical kiosk and the hassle that patients and prescribers alike experience will dissipate. 


If you’d like to learn more about increasing your pharmacies revenue with a kiosk from MedifriendRX® request a digital demonstration of the workstation today.


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