The Complete Pharmacy Solution

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Complete Pharmacy Solution

The Complete Pharmacy Solution

Whether you’re a remote specialized clinic or a private practice, the medifriendRx prescription kiosk offers a comprehensive localized 340B pharmacy that helps you accurately and easily fill up to 75% of your daily prescriptions without sending your patients elsewhere.

There are several issues facing pharmacies today that must be addressed. 

5 Issues Facing Pharmacies Today:
(list courtesy of: Guaranteed Returns)
  1. Drug shortages: Drug shortages can occur from a variety of different reasons including natural disasters, raw material issues, supply issues and discontinuations. Unfortunately, there is no immediate solution for these drug shortages and they will usually cause the price of the medication to increase when they are made available.
  2. Sterile compounding: Sterile compound regulations for pharmacies have changed drastically over the past few years. “Compounded Sterile Preparations Pharmacy ensures that sterile preparations meet the clinical needs of patients, satisfying quality, safety, and environmental control requirements in all phases of preparation, storage, transportation, and administration in compliance with established standards, regulations, and professional best practices. Currently there are more than 950 BPS Board Certified Sterile Compounding Pharmacists.” (Source)
  3. Workforce Issues: The number of pharmacy schools has doubled over the last 30 years, resulting in a surplus of pharmacists in many areas. The competitiveness of pharmacy programs has decreased, which means the candidates are less qualified. (Source
  4. CMS Measures: Since the passing of the Affordable Care Act, hospitals have seen a shift in “value-based reimbursement”. This model incentivizes the quality of patient care over the quantity and is meant to improve patient care. Pharmacies play a key role in assisting hospitals to increase their quality of care by minimizing the rates of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI) and must take on this challenge in order to properly get reimbursed. 
  5. Opioid epidemic: Nearly 2 million Americans age 12 or older report having abused or been dependent on opioids. “Since pharmacists are on the front lines of dispensing opioids medication they can oftentimes be the first line of defense by engaging in prevention treatment efforts of opioid abuse.” (Source: CDC) Pharmacists must go above and beyond to recognize symptoms of abuse by learning how to properly communicate with patients and monitor their medication dosage to make sure they aren’t stockpiling and managing refill requirements. 

Opioid EpidemicOpioid Epidemic

A Step in the Right Direction

This all-in-one pharmacy solution is the best solution for your pharmacy needs to help you overcome many challenges pharmacists and clinicians face when treating patients. The medifriendRx prescription kiosk provides all of the services you receive from your local pharmacy but with optimized performance, convenient access and enhanced safety and security measures. Adding a prescription kiosk is a win-win for pharmacy or clinic owners and patients alike. 

Benefits of a medifriendRx prescription kiosk:

Immediate Local Access

Provides your patients with localized access to necessary and sometimes life-saving medications directly on-site within 2 minutes.

Real-Time Consultations

Private professional pharmacist consultations are available through our built-in interactive video and telephone units.

Improved Compliance

Effectively reduce non-compliance rates by ensuring that the patient leaves with their medication in-hand, versus having to pick it up elsewhere.

Cost Efficient

Eliminate pharmacist costs and generate larger margins through our innovative self-stocking system that ensures that prescriptions are only filled on demand.

Premium Privacy Measures

The built-in telephone units are 100% private and confidential, allowing patients to discuss their health and medication with complete confidence.

Expedited Custom Service

Because the machine is located directly in the treatment zone, patient Rx can be delivered to the exam room, allowing doctors to discuss the medication face-to-face with their patients.

Local Availability

Provides your patients with pharmacy services even when there is no other pharmacy nearby.

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